Kascabal is inspired by the Maya culture and its rustic chic style, mixing the flavors of the sea and the land.

Kascabal stands out for its eclectic atmosphere and decoration, every detail of the place exhales mysticism, art and sophistication. The diner's experience begins from the moment they arrive at the place, with the attention of the staff, the setting, until the presentation of the tables, culminating in its fusion-style gastronomy and mixiology, with flavors from the Yucatan Peninsula and international touches.

Where does the name Kascabal come from? We share one of the many Maya legends that abound in the area, and that inspired our project.

The legend of the dog and Kaskabal

A man was so poor that he was always in a bad mood and thus did not miss the opportunity to mistreat an unhappy dog that he had. Kakasbal, who is in everything, saw that he could take advantage of the anger that the dog surely felt against his master and so he appeared to him and said:

"Come here and tell me what's wrong with you, because I see you sad."

"How could I not be if my master hits me every time he wants to", replied the dog.

"I know it's bad feelings, why don't you just give it up?"

"He is my master and I must be faithful to him."

"I could help you escape."

"For nothing I will leave it."

"He will never appreciate your loyalty."

"It doesn't matter, I'll be faithful to him."

But Kakasbal insisted so much that the dog, to get rid of him, said:

"I think you have convinced me, tell me what should I do?"

"Give me your soul."

"And what will you give me in return?"

"Whatever you want."

"Give me a bone for every hair on my body."

"I agree."

"Count, then..."

And Kakasbal began to count the hairs of the dog; but when his fingers reached the tail, he remembered the fidelity he owed to his master and jumped and the count was lost.

"Why are you moving?" Kakasbal asked him.

"I can't handle the fleas that eat me day and night. Start again."

A hundred times Kakasbal started the count and a hundred times he had to interrupt it because the dog was jumping. At last, Kakasbal said:

"I do not count more. You've fooled me; but you have taught me a great lesson. Now I know that it is easier to buy the soul of a man than the soul of a dog."

We take the mystical part of the story together with other ingredients and Kascabal was born.

"Pakal the Mayan astronaut"